A Drop in the Ocean

A project for Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation Intervention Activities of ANALA was funded by donations to the tune of six lakhs from its volunteers and well-wishers.

Watershed development through revival of traditional water sources like Village Lakes, Ponds etc in three villages in Rapar Taluka of Kuchchh district. This project has been a great support to over a thousand people generating more than ten thousand man-days and cost rupees forty lakhs, (Rs.40, 00,000).

Livelihood restoration through Pro-biotic fertilizer application in two villages of Bhachau taluka in the earthquake ravaged Kachchh district. This project cost rupees six lakhs (Rs.6, 00,000)

Enhancement of agriculture income through Lift irrigation in village Katha ni Magri of Datta Taluka in Banaskantha district. The cost of this project was rupees seven lakhs (Rs.7,00,000).

All these projects were targeted towards the overall development of the lowest socio-economic strata of society.