MOUNT ABU – 2000

Camp Site:

Mount Abu Campsite is approximately seven kms from the Nakki Lake, far from the maddening crowd. A Plain grassland, this camp site is very close to the dense green forests and offers a range of geographical features, topography, flora and fauna in addition to diverse terrain for trekking.

Activities of the four-day, three-night camp include forest trekking, campfire, rock climbing, rappelling, nature trails etc, all designed to develop the physical and mental resources of the young nature lovers. In addition there will be informal talks and discussions on the importance of the Aravali range of mountains and the role of mountains in condensation and rainfall. Participants will come across undulating grassy hills, craggy mountains, carpets of wild flowers and they stands a good chance of seeing different birds and animals as well.

Sufficient free time will be allowed for rest, entertainment and reading. A small library with books on topics such as birds, reptiles, marine life, flowers etc will be available. The campers may also plan their own small treks. There will be 10 different batches as shown below. While preference is given to exclusive batches from schools, batches can be reserved for individual coming from different schools/ colleges/ groups.

How To Reach:

Participants coming from outside Gujarat have to travel by train from Ahmedabad by any of the Delhi bound trains (or from Delhi via Jaipur-Ajmer-Abu Road) upto Abu Road. Taxi cars, jeeps etc. are plying regularly from Abu Road to Mount Abu. However, prior arrangements in case of groups of participants are recommended. While hiring, ask the vehicle to take you upto Oriya Village Check Post. The campsite is very close to the Gurushikhar Road, 5 kms ahead of the famous Dilwara Jain Temples and 4 kms from Trevor Tank

Accommodation will be arranged in tents, separately for boys and girls.

The camp Charges are Rs.450/- per participant.

Those who wish to utilize our travel facility by chartered bus from Ahmedabad should pay Rs.750/-. This will include accommodation, training, food and travelling from Ahmedabad and back by semi luxury bus.

Applications must be accompanies by full payment in advance.

Cancellation rules: A minimum cancellation charge of Rs.200/- would be applicable on all cancellation, and Rs.400/- within 48 hours prior to the commencement of the batch applicable. No show, no refund. Please note that refund will be given on producing the original receipt.

The things to carry: are three pairs of rough clothes, one pair of warm clothes, canvas or sports shoes, socks, light bedding (preferably sleeping bag), torch, plate, spoon, glass, bowl, water bag, sanitary requisites, note pad and pen – all these preferably packed in a haver/ruck sack which is easier to carry on shoulders.

Binoculars and camera can be brought but at one’s own risk. However, transistors, tape recorders, video games, walkman, paper plates, plastic or disposable items, ornaments and other valuables are NOT TO BE CARRIED.

Essential medical facilities in the form of first aid will be available. While all care will be taken for the safety of the participants, the organisers will not be responsible for any accident.

A specially designed certificate will be issued to the campers who participate in all the activities.

Batch Dates

1. October 7th to 10th
2. October 10th to 13th
3. October 13th to 16th
4. October 16th to 19th
5. October 19th to 22nd
6. October 22nd to 25th
7. October 29th to November 1st
8. November 1st to 4th
9. November 4th to 7th
10. November 7th to 10th