Himalayan Camps And Sikkim ECO Tours

ANALA conducts several camps in the Great Himalayan Region which includes the hills of Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim and the country of Nepal



Considered to be the land of mountains, Sikkim is the smallest state in India. Surrounded by Tibet on the north, Bhutan on the east and Nepal on the west, Sikkim boasts of having the world’s third highest mountain “Kanchenjunga”. The first settlers of Sikkim were the Lepcha foragers and small farmers whose descendants still form 18% of the population. Bhutias, Caravan traders and herdsmen followed them from Tibet.


At the height of 1,574 meters, Gangtok was built along a ridge to one side of the Ranipool River, looking towards the Kanchenjunga range. It became the capital of Sikkim only in the 19th century. There are many beautiful places worth visiting in and around Gangtok which includes Orchid Sanctuary in which there are over 200 species of temperate and intermediate orchids and Tsongo lake which is at the height of 12,210 feet, roughly 40 kms from Gangtok.


Centre of India’s most celebrated tea growing district, Darjeeling has possibly the best views of any Indian hill station. The vast bulk of Kanchenjunga, at 8,580 meters appears to sit above the town. On the west side of Kanchenjunga lies Kabru at a height of 7,319 meters and on its east is Pandim at 6,712 meters. The name “Dorje-ling” means “place of the thunderbolt” comes from Tibetan. Senchal lake, the lake of damp mists, and Mirik at 1,785 meters are among many other beautiful places around Darjeeling.


At the height of 1,250 meters, Kalimpong is a minor hill station. It is roughly 50 kms from Darjeeling by a road, which descends dramatically to the Teesta River below its confluence with the Great Rangit. Kalimpong was once a Bhutanese territory. Thongsa gompa and Pedong monastery are worth visiting.


TAVELLING between Ahmedabad and Siliguri would be by sleeper class train. (Those who wish to join us from outside Gujarat can do so from Siliguri). The rest of the journey would be by a chartered luxury bus.Accommodation will be provided in first class hotels at Mirik, Gangtok and Kalimpong.

Charges would be Rs.6950/- per student for others Rs.1500/- extra. This among includes local sight seeing, travelling, accommodation and food.

CANCELLATION RULES: A minimum charge of Rs.1000/- would be applicable on all cancellations. Rs.2000/- on cancellations made more than 48 hours but within 30 days and Rs.3000/- within 48 hours prior to the commencement of the tour. No refund on no show. Please note that refund will be given only on producing the original receipt.

DATE would be during the Diwali vacation. Just now we have plans for only one batch from 30th October to 12th November 2000. The duration of the trip depends on the availability of train reservations, we plan for 14 day programme.