THE OWL in our logo

In many parts of the world, owl has been associated with death and misfortune, mainly due to their nocturnal activity and frightening screeching call. In most parts of India, an owl is called “ullu” – a dumb. Both these impressions have no scientific back ground and seem to be malicious for the wonderful creature that is Owl.

Another interesting association we discovered is that: owl is the symbol of wealth and prosperity. The owl is considered to be the vehicle of Goddess of wealth, Laxmi and thus it is considered lucky if an owl resides near a house. Our search further revealed that the Greek goddess of knowledge Athena was always depicted accompanied by an owl and it has remained a common western symbol of wisdom. There, it is called a “wise owl”.

We started asking ourselves, who can resist the combination of wealth and wisdom and what more can we ask for?